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The paleontologist Jack Horner and the artist Fabio Pastorini created a series of ten innovative and disruptive illustrations that challenge our imagination of the world of dinosaurs.

This digital collection is aimed at 10 museums, science centers and research centers around the world and aims to promote knowledge in this area through education and research.

The Pavilion of Knowledge was one of those chosen. The Ankylosaurus, with its exuberant spines, was donated to us.

The animations and artworks created by Jack Horner and Fabio Pastorini have been transformed into Non Fungible Tokens, or NFTs, which can be purchased by anyone.

The collection

In collaboration with artist Fabio Pastori, one of the most distinguished modern paleo-artists alive, Jack Horner created this set of NFTs to challenge common perceptions about dinosaurs.

The first collection was launched in October 2021 and is divided into four series: the “Legendary Series”; the “Museum Series”; the “Variation Series”; and the “White Series”. Each of the sets has its own characteristics and the NFTs are being made available for purchase on the website .

Meanwhile, a new collection with baby dinosaur drawings was also launched. It can also be purchased on the website .

All proceeds from the sale of these NFTs are used to fund the activity of the Horner Group, an organization led by Jack Horner, whose mission is to create interest and scientific enthusiasm for the fascinating world of dinosaurs.

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Who is Jack Horner?

Jack Horner is a world-renowned paleontologist and dinosaur expert, and Michael Crichton's inspiration for Dr. Alan Grant, the main character of Jurassic Park. He is a technical consultant on all Jurassic Park and World films, and his work is followed by millions of people around the world.

He was born in the state of Montana, in the USA, and dedicated his entire life to dinosaur research and education. He already has four reptiles named after him: Anasazisaurus horneri, Achelousaurus horneri, Oohkotokia horneri and Daspletosaurus horneri.

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Paleontologist Jack Horner life’s mission is to show the world that dinosaurs were very different from what we thought, very diverse, colorful and covered in feathers. Horner travels the world educating the public about dinos and inspiring everyone that wants to learn more about biology and evolution.

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