Invitation · Opening


60 Guests

6.00 p.m < 6.20 p.m Opening Session

Pavilion of Knowledge Atrium

· Welcome Reception, by Rosalia Vargas, President of Ciência Viva
· Intervention by the Minister of Science, Technology and Higher Education, Manuel Heitor

Presentation of the exhibition focused on contents related with the current context of the pandemic. An exercise made possible by the collaboration of a large number of researchers and scientific institutions at a time in which knowledge is our greatest ally.

“What is your greatest fear, and your greatest hope, in the context of the current pandemic crisis?” The Ciência Viva science centers asked this question to 200 personalities. Their testimonies are now kept inside this time capsule to be opened in 2030. And thus the new coronavirus itself is symbolically locked down!


6.20 p.m < 6.30 p.m Ballet “Suspension”, by Magalie Lanriot

Pavilion of Knowledge Nave

The lights go out. Clippings of daily life told through news, interviews, a press conference, or houses turned into offices... An accelerated summary of life over the past few months. The images will rise to a vertical dance show, which represents a reflection on human resilience and the ability to adapt to the “new normal”.


6.30 p.m < 7.30 p.m Visit to the exhibition

Pavilion of Knowledge Nave

Free visit to the exhibition.


INSTAGRAM @pavilhaodoconhecimento

6.00 p.m < 7.30 p.m Instagram live with António Raminhos

The Portuguese journalist and comedian António Raminhos will be our online reporter, live from the Pavilion of Knowledge, in a special broadcast on our Instagram. His own curiosity will guide us through VIRAL with all its new features, updated content on COVID-19, curiosities, backstage access and exclusive exchanges with many of the participating researchers.


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