Public Health. Fake news. Social media. Financial contagion. Spread of ideas and emotions. Go Viral!

We live in VIRAL times. From infectious diseases to financial crises, from consumer trends to fake news dissemination, contagion is all around us. Today, even an idea or behaviour can go… VIRAL.

The VIRAL exhibition tackles the broad topic of contagion, drawing on scientific fields such as epidemiology and public health, network science, psychology and social sciences. Its 24 exhibits, divided into five areas, encourage dialogue and reflection on how viral phenomena influence health, culture, political movements, trends, norms, and ultimately, us.

Contaminate a crowd while dancing. Discover how yawns and laughs are contagious. Capture a gang of bacteria and viruses and meet the world's greatest infection agent. More than just an exhibition, VIRAL is a positive, fun and… contagious experience!

VIRAL was considered by the Exploratorium of San Francisco and by the Center for Advancement of Informal Science Education (CAISE) as one of the notable exhibitions of 2016. Read the article.



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Technical Details

Exhibits: 24
Languages: Trilingual
Space required: 600 m2
Set up: 8 days
Take down: 7 days
Minimum room height: 3 m
Transport details: 4 lorries (2,7 m height) or 5 containers.
Accessibility: This exhibition is also accessible to people with special needs


Virulent tunnel

Who´s guilty?

Hand in hand

Be the trigger

Mirror mirror

Control the epidemic


Gone viral!

Financial contagious

Appropriate contact

Body scale

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