Knowledge is your greatest ally. *

* Make this idea VIRAL

Knowledge is our greatest ally, especially now that the world is facing a pandemic and a disinformation crisis.

What is contagion? How to control a pandemic? Why is so important to wash your hands? Which contagion agents are responsible for which diseases?

To help to answer these and other questions, the Pavilion of Knowledge - Ciência Viva Science Center produced the interactive exhibition VIRAL in cooperation with Universcience in Paris and Heureka, The Finnish Science Centre.

VIRAL explores what contagion is and how it impacts our lives. 24 exhibits, divided into five areas, tackle the phenomenon of contagion, including biology, epidemiology and public health, network science, psychology and social sciences.

As the world presently lives in a time of contagion, VIRAL has extended content about the new coronavirus. New exhibits evidence the mobilization and resilience of society while facing this pandemic and tackle the role of scientific research and technological development in fighting the current pandemics.

VIRAL was considered by the Exploratorium of San Francisco and by the Center for Advancement of Informal Science Education (CAISE) as one of the notable exhibitions of 2016. Read the article.

Visit the exhibition until June 2023 in Valencia, Spain.


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Technical Details

Exhibits: 24
Languages: Trilingual
Space required: 600 m2
Set up: 8 days
Take down: 7 days
Minimum room height: 3 m
Transport details: 4 lorries (2,7 m height) or 5 containers.
Accessibility: This exhibition is also accessible to people with special needs


Virulent tunnel

Who´s guilty?

Hand in hand

Be the trigger

Mirror mirror

Control the epidemic


Gone viral!

Financial contagious

Appropriate contact

Body scale

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