Festas de Aniversário!

Birthday Parties 2022


Tcharan Safari

3 to 13 years old

There are animals on land, in the water and in the air, but... do they all behave the same way? What are the main differences? Tcharan! Circus of Science Experience also features hidden animals. Young animal researchers will venture out on a scientific safari armed with true explorer's spirit. All they need to do is open their eyes wide and look carefully!

Especially for you!

3 to 13 years old

Moving in microgravity, seeing objects hovering in the air or waking up and going to sleep with planet Earth as 'horizon' are some of the privileges of astronauts. But life in space is a real challenge! What will it be like to take a shower, have meals or simply sleep in space? In the Ciência Viva Space Station we will take off towards knowledge in a truly space mission. With their heads on the Moon, but feet firmly on Earth, astronaut candidates will find the answers to all their intergalactic questions.


3 to 9 years

In this party full of scientific wonders, chemical reactions will be explosive and physics experiments unforgettable. Everything takes place on a researcher's bench where water is the main character.

360° experiments

7 to 13 years

The free visit programme is ideal if you want to celebrate your birthday with our exhibitions! Enter an authentic forest of physical phenomena in the Explora room, create your own contraptions in the Dòing Enlarged Workshop, dive into Water - an Unfiltered Exhibition, and risk incredible acrobatics in Tcharan - Circus of Science Experience.

Bots, Robots and Ozobots

7 to 13 years

An adorable little robot that obeys your commands? And that follows routes exactly? After learning more about road signs and the main rules of road safety, we will program a colour-coded Ozobot. We promise to respect the Highway Code!

Biting Water

7 to 13 years

Plastic has spread across the oceans and invaded the menu of marine animals. How can algae help us save planet Earth? We will show a few curiosities about these super aquatic plants and make an edible water bottle with the help of molecular gastronomy. Are you ready for a good 'gulp of water'?

:: Vantagens ::

Fábrica das Festas Se já efetuou a sua reserva para uma festa de aniversário, aproveite os 10% de desconto na Fábrica das Festas em todos artigos! Basta mostrar o e-mail da reserva. O desconto não se aplica a roupa infantil.

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