Circus of Science Experience

Ladies and Gentleman, boys and girls, welcome to the Circus of Science Experience.” An area that combines the discovery of an amusement park with the emotion of a circus!

We are delighted to invite explorers between 3 and 12 years to get through a Labyrinth of Mirrors or to jump on a Musical Floor. Sounds fun, right?

The Unfinished House, one of the most beloved areas of our youngest visitors, returns with a whole new scenario. On the central tent stage, the visitor is a star and the adrenaline transforms itself in KNOWLEDGE...TCHARAN!

Be part of this amazing show!

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The Unfinished House

Workers are needed to operate the crane to lift the materials, stone mason apprentices to build walls and electricians are needed to install colourful light patterns on the walls of this special house. The crane, wheels and pulleys will make the job easier. Don’t forget the helmet and let’s start building!
Age limit: reserved for ages three to six years old.
Exceptions: Weekends and bank/national holidays, from 6.30p.m. to 7p.m. where the Unfinished House will be available for older workers from seven years old on. Didn’t you miss building our Unfinished House? We bet you did!

Hercules, The Puppet

Sit down and pull the rope. Do the same on the other hand of the puppet. On which hand do you use the least strength to pull yourself up?

Clown Batak

How many noses can you turn off in 30 seconds? Test your speed of reaction to stimuli.

Blue Factory

Animals or robots. Boats or airplanes. Houses or even cities. The giant bricks, plugs, channels and screws allow you to invent or build everything you wish.

In the tongue of the frog

Get dressed and climb into the sticky tongue of the frog. Will you stay stuck?

The Scent of Memory

Close your eyes, breathe in and discover the smells and memories hidden in these flowers.

Giant Kaleidoscope

You have seen small kaleidoscopes, but now it’s time to put yourself in the picture.

Giant Machine

This machine is all about science. Friction, gravity, inertia and energy are in action. There are endless ways to explore.

Ice-Cream Fun!

Throw the ball with your hand, with the slingshot or through the ramps. How many ice-creams can you hit?

Ready Set Go!

Climb onto your favourite animal. Start riding when you hear the music.
3,2,1: Who will win the race?



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