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Nutritional and dietary points of reference which were previously established empirically over several generations and passed on as part of a child’s upbringing are now mainly transmitted by the media or major food processing companies. 

Consumers, including young people, therefore find themselves being bombarded by paradoxical messages: encouragement to consume more and more under the pressure of advertising and yet also to stay thin, under the pressure of fashion standards. This situation favours the onset of eating disorders. This exhibition hopes to answer the many questions we are all asking at a time when the “health” criterion is supplanting taste and pleasure.

So it is that by drawing on scientific knowledge and offering practical reference points, this exhibition will offer children and their parents the means to better understand the rules of healthy eating along with the issues at stake.

With this exhibition, and while taking account of the familial, social, cultural and economic environment, the CSI is keen to:

 associate pleasure, taste and conviviality with the act of eating,

 speak about taste and food in addition to lipids and carbohydrates,

 stress the importance of striking a balance between physical activity and food practices,

 allow visitors to question their own food behaviour in order to lift it out of the everyday,

 get visitors to reflect on the relationship between self image and eating,

 develop a critical faculty faced with food offerings, fashions and the media,

 offer keys to behaving as responsible consumers.