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  1. ARMILLARY SPHERE 1 Cosmology
  2. PRIME MERIDIAN 2 Geography
  3. FOUNTAINS 3 Hydraulics
  4. THE GREAT EMBANKMENT 4 Engineering
  5. FUNICULARS 5 Technology
  6. LEGAL TIME 6 Astronomy
  7. THE LIGHT OF LISBON 7 Meteorology
  8. JACARANDÁS 8 Botany
  10. BAIXA POMBALINA 10 Urbanismo
  11. SUNDIALS 11 Astronomy
  12. TRAMS 12 Technology
  13. RIVER TAGUS ESTUARY 13 Environment
  14. LIOZ LIMESTONE 14 Geology


Portuguese Paving (9)

Esfera Armilar

Art and science literally right under your feet. Sidewalks, in Lisbon, are traditionally paved with small blocks of limestone, basalt and other materials.

The pavers use moulds to mark the areas of different colours and they repeat these motifs in linear sequences (friezes) or in two dimensions (patterns). The geometry of the 20th Century proves that there is a limited number of possible symmetries in a plane: 7 for the friezes and 17 for the patterns. A project carried out by a group of young Portuguese students has documented 5 friezes and 11 patterns on the pavements of Lisbon, confirming the variety of symmetrical designs.

13 Underground Restauradores

Em Lisboa, à descoberta da Ciência e da Tecnologia. Vagueando pelas ruas